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“Be confident. Even if you are not, pretend to be.

No one can tell the difference”


How can we help?

Shine has a wealth of expertise and experience in the following areas:


  • Creating a coherent, principled and shared whole school vision

  • Whole School Self-Evaluation

  • Making the most of your strengths – ‘finding the trumpets’

  • Data / outcome review (including RAISE online)

  • Learning and Teaching review

  • Behaviour for Learning review

  • Creating impact-focused development plans (SDP, Subject Leader, Post-OFSTED)

  • Developing a coaching culture

  • Preparing for OFSTED

  • From ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ and beyond

  • From ‘Good’  to ‘Outstanding’ and beyond

  • Headteacher Appraisal


Meeting your needs

Our involvement can be to meet a one-off need or to provide longer-term capacity for innovation. 

Shine provides bespoke school development support and will tailor our support to meet your precise needs.


“…I have been a Headteacher for almost twenty years and have worked with many Advisors and Consultants during that time.  Dave has a refreshing, positive and developmental approach to Leadership development which enables colleagues to engage and enjoy even difficult tasks! He has worked with the staff, Governors and myself over the past twelve months and has lifted our spirits with his ‘can do’ attitude, clarity of focus and positive energy.  He has a wide tool kit of skills and a plethora of resources which he is willing to share to support all aspects of teaching and learning….”

Sue W, Headteacher, The Southwater Infant Academy, West Sussex

Headteachers' Performance Management

  • Pre-discussion (by telephone and/or email) with headteacher regarding proposed targets for the new cycle and their evaluation of their previous targets. 

  • ½ day face to face discussion including consultant time with just the governors and all three parties (headteacher/ governors/ consultant).

  • The consultant will write up the governors’ evaluation statement during the meeting and provide all those concerned with a copy of the completed performance management review prior to leaving or by email depending on which is preferred by those concerned.


N.B. Headteachers are responsible for agreeing the performance management meeting date with three of their governors. The headteacher will be required to provide a written evaluation of their previous targets to the consultant at least 14 days prior to the date of meeting with governors. The headteacher should also make some suggestions for what they would like to consider for their targets for the new cycle, together with any professional development that they would like the governors to agree (if the cost is beyond that they usually use). Headteachers are responsible for sending the evaluation of the previous targets and their suggested new targets to governors at least 7 days prior to the meeting date, once this has been agreed with the consultant.


Please note, that the headteacher’s performance management option is only available to schools which take up the school ‘achievement’ visit prior to the performance management consultation visit in the Autumn term. It is recommended that there is a minimum of 14 days between the standards visit and the headteacher's performance management,

  • I find the best way to write these is with the headteacher (and ideally SLT or SMT) in school. 

  • I provide a suitable format and examples from other schools and we then write the draft document in the day.

School Development Planning

Ofsted Action Plan following a Requires Improvement/ Serious Weaknesses or Special Measures Ofsted judgement.



One Day

Improve Your Use of Data

One Day

  • Joint working with the school to do an evaluation of your current attainment and progress using Ofsted criteria using RAISE online, EYFS and school tracking information. 

  • An investigation into how well your different groups of pupils achieve.

  • Training and recommendations for the headteacher and/ or senior leaders in order to improve your use of data and tracking and how this information should impact on your School Development Plan.

Focused Review
Usually two days, but can be one day for single key stage reviews, depending on the size of the school. 


The cost is £700 for a one day and £1,450 for a two day review. The review includes a detailed report. The time in school each day is 8am - 5pm. Sometimes, a follow-up review in a school, the following term, can be undertaken in just be one day. 

  • The key focus on reading, writing and maths. A significant number of joint lesson observations with the headteacher/ SLT members and myself of 1/2 hour each, discussing and evaluating the quality of teaching and learning to agree the judgements using Ofsted criteria. 

  • Joint work scrutiny - to evaluate/ triangulate progress with the school's tracking and what has been seen during observations and to consider the quality of teachers' marking and feedback.

  • A scrutiny of the school's tracking information, including an evaluation of attainment and progress at the end of Key Stages 1 & 2. The quality of the work here will depend on the quality of the tracking data that your school has. EYFS tracking data can also be evaluated. Some schools may wish to consider a day to improve the quality of their tracking as well. I request that the SEF and SDP are sent to me in advance, together with the school's last two RAISE onlines and their own tracking analysis, including groups of pupils. 

  • If considered appropriate, behaviour and safety can also be a focus. 

  • Leadership and management is evaluated using interviews with the SLT and documentary evidence. 

  • Pre-visit analysis based on your RAISE online and internal tracking data, including the achievement of groups of pupils sent 7 days in advance

  • Half day face to face visit discussion on pre-visit notes and questions it raises

  • Final report on achievement in your school (based on data analysis), with recommendations for improvement

Please note that data analysis needs to be based on accurate teacher assessment. It needs to be backed up by other monitoring information such as lesson observations, book audits and discussions with pupils.

School Achievement Visit and Report


Support for Schools in Challenging Circumstances

Multiday package over term/ year depending on needs.

Local authority and academy support contracts welcome.

Working alongside the Headteacher and Senior Managers, which might include (depending on the areas for improvement required):

  • addressing the Ofsted Key Issues/ areas for improvement, drawing up a Raising Attainment Plan/ School Development Plan

  • working with the school to improve the quality of teaching and learning in relation to addressing the Key Issues, with the focus being on empowering teachers and staff to have ownership of these improvements

  • improving assessment and tracking, including the strategic management of these

  • improving the quality of teaching through training courses on outstanding teaching

  • improving the quality of marking and the use of pupil targets so that pupils know how to improve

  • developing a 'distributed leadership', training senior staff and other teachers in the role of monitoring and evaluation

  • working with all staff to address behaviour and discipline issues

  • working to improve attendance and punctuality

  • working to improve relationships with parents and carers, including hard to reach parents

  • supporting the role of governors through training

  • supporting the headteacher through the 'emotional issues' relating to the challenge ahead!

Your own bespoke package
£250 per half day
£475  per day

Devised through discussion with you, addressing EXACTLY your training, monitoring and evaluation needs. This may include joint lesson observations, joint book audits, working with the school to write your SEF or SDP. Most areas of achievement, teaching and learning and leadership and management are offered.

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