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Shine Courses and Workshops

“If you can't make a mistake, you can't make anything”


Shine Series – Keep smiling in leadership…

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Our series of hands-on workshops and thought-provoking masterclasses will give participants a fresh perspective on learning and leadership; it is our hope that our workshops will leave participants feeling empowered, motivated and inspired. 


Our menu of courses and workshops (typically one day) include:


  • Change – the 3s’s. Leading significant, sustainable and successful change; for Leaders at all levels.

  • Maximising professional self-awareness; having a deep knowledge of my strengths and knowing how to manage my weaker areas.

  • Maximising my skills of persuasion through a deep understanding of how my team ‘ticks’; getting the best out of all the personalities in my team.

  • Distributing leadership and encouraging staff to ‘step up’.

  • Striking the balance between motivating staff whilst holding them to account.

  • Supporting Senior Leaders to develop the confidence to tackle underperformance.

  • Supporting new Senior Leadership Teams to find their strengths and develop sustainable capacity.

  • Supporting Middle Leaders, Senior Leaders and Subject Leaders to ensure impact through impact-focused development plans.

  • Supporting Senior and Middle Leaders to feel confident and competent to carry out lesson observations and provide developmental feedback, including how to give difficult messages.

  • Equipping Senior and Middle Leaders to manage and overcome staff who are resistant to change, including developing skills to have ‘difficult / courageous conversations’.

  • Strategies to transform an entrenched underperforming culture.

  • Developing and Supporting the Governing Body; knowing what to expect from an OFSTED inspection.


“…Dave recently delivered a great evening of governor training. We all received documentation beforehand - packs of really helpful handouts to support an informative presentation; he also left us with follow up work to support us going forward.

Dave delivered his presentation with authority and enthusiasm which encouraged some great discussion amongst the governing body. With 10 of us present and a FGB meeting next week, I feel confident that we will be able to implement some ideas to drive our monitoring work forward…”

Carol D, Chair of Governors, Holbrook Primary, West Sussex

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