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“The greatest leaders mobilise others by coalescing people

around a shared vision.”

Business coaching has been a relatively new addition to Shine’s service repertoire but, on reflection, it is of no great surprise that we have experienced equal success with our corporate clients. After all, great leadership is great leadership. Managing successful change presents exactly the same challenges in education as it does in the business world.

The role of the Headmaster in today’s educational landscape is often likened to that of the CEO and it is easy to see why; helping teachers and school leaders to improve their performance means improved outcomes for the pupils/students. Likewise, helping employees and managers to improve their performance means increased profitability. The parallels are undeniable. The skills and experience which Dave has honed in many different educational settings over the years can be easily ported to the world of business. One could argue that context-specific knowledge is inconsequential; the skill lies in the questioning of the coach. This assertion is no better illustrated than through the work of Humphrey Walters - someone with next to no experience of rugby. Through his unique approach Humphrey was able to coach the England Rugby team to World Cup victory in 2003; an incredible achievement.

Shine’s executive coaching unlocks blind spots, enhances self-awareness and is a powerful and practical way to help your business managers and leaders to focus on their behaviours ‘in the moment’ every day. It helps them solve issues that they face; it gives them ideas and techniques to try out and helps them keep their teams on track, even when it’s difficult.

Despite the fact we all are really nice people at Shine, our approach to coaching is not ‘soft and fluffy’. Our coaching is not just simply to make managers and leaders feel good or provide an ego boost or to allow ‘time out’ just to be just listened to. Irrespective of the coaching objective, our coaching brings a robust focus on performance; identifying where an individual’s performance should be, where it is now, and what is getting in the way.

Shine’s coaches ask tough, challenging questions and help managers explore real issues, and identify patterns/links the manager may not have appreciated before. Our coaches offer useful tools and models to deepen insight or promote successful personal change.

In summary, our aim, through our coaching is help you build a business that is easy to run and a joy to own.

How much does our performance coaching cost?

We want you to get real value from your coaching. In both financial and personal terms, coaching brings a high return on your investment. We recognise that the cost of executive coaching is not insignificant, but it needs to be weighed up against what you want to achieve and what that will be worth to you. We will always help clients work through the possible value of any coaching programme before they make the commitment to proceed. We’ve found doing this makes it easier to ensure the programme is set up effectively – which in turn makes it more likely that the anticipated results are achieved or over achieved.

Why not contact us today to discuss how we can work together to achieve great things for yourself, your team, and your company.


“Dave has been brilliant at coaching our leadership team towards maximising team productivity, collaboration and – ultimately – enjoyment of work! His approach has not only facilitated thought and theory around distributing leadership, it has encouraged implementation of collaborative strategies to encourage our business leaders to better empower members of their teams to together take our business to the next level. Uniquely, Dave has achieved fantastic outcomes whilst ensuring training is enjoyable and fun, with a focus on full participation from the whole team during the sessions.”

Paul R, Managing Director / Owner and Founder, Sweethaven Computers, Reigate, Surrey