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“Optimism does not say the bad won’t happen. It says you can cope with it”


Who are we?

Shine Education and Training is an education and leadership consultancy. 


What services do we offer?

Our focus and passion is on further improving outcomes for children / students, in whatever setting. We do this through the high quality services we offer:

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • SLT / Group / Team Coaching

  • Middle Leadership Programmes

  • Senior Leadership Programmes

  • Development Programmes for NQT+1s / NQT+2s

  • Whole School Development Consultancy

  • INSET Sessions  

  • Courses & Workshops

  • Systems Leadership

  • Bespoke school packages 


Our whole school development work ranges from organisations requiring more intensive support, challenge and improvement, to those that seek to sustain and ensure the consistency of good to outstanding practice. 


Who do we work with?
  • Headteachers 

  • Deputy Headteachers / Assistant Headteachers 

  • Senior Leaders

  • Bursars / School Business Managers

  • Middle Leaders

  • Heads of Department

  • Year Leaders

  • NQT+1s

  • NQT+2s

  • Core Curriculum Leaders

  • Subject Leaders

  • Governors

  • NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers)


Which organisations do we work with?
  • Maintained schools

  • Individual academies

  • Multi Academy Trusts

  • Umbrella Trusts 

  • Independent schools

  • Free schools

  • Academy sponsors and trusts

  • Local authorities


Why us?

Schools and Headteachers are continually provided with ‘advice’ on what they ‘should’ be doing. However, this advice is often quickly imparted without first knowing the context of the school. It is critical that advisers / consultants, or those making these suggestions, meet the school where it is at; in much the same way that teachers should meet children at their respective points of learning. 


At Shine, we believe that our determination to get ‘under the skin’ of each school makes us best placed to help leaders and their schools ensure sustainable school improvement.


The process of school improvement is almost always a ‘top-down’ approach; but why?  

At Shine we think differently and are committed to the notion that we are true equals in a genuine professional partnership. Our only agenda is your success. 


If you are a headteacher, deputy headteacher, assistant head teacher or senior leader, we understand:

  • the unique stresses and strains of your role

  • that courage is a quality that you build upon and develop on a daily basis


We also understand that, in order for you to consistently be at your best, a safe and confidential space must be provided, to enable you to:

  • share your thoughts, worries and concerns

  • come up with positive solutions

  • realise your strengths

  • determine the steps that you must take to realise your potential


At Shine we are ever mindful that the role of the school leader is demanding and ever changing.  As well as a need to develop yourselves as senior leaders, with your own professional development requirements, you can find that there simply are not sufficient hours in the day to train your team without outside support.  Many senior and middle leaders require support to help them with their understanding of effective leadership, management, monitoring and evaluation in their area/s of responsibility.  


Furthermore, the role of a school leader at times can be an isolated position.  Many school leaders find it useful to be able to discuss the challenges that they face every day and their ideas for development with another like-minded individual, in order to clarify their thoughts and help them to structure a plan of development.  


Many also find that working with another leading professional, undertaking the following self-evaluation activities, also supports their own professional development:


  • joint lesson observations

  • work sampling

  • the writing of School Development Plan drafts

  • data analysis 


What is our Code of Practice?

We apply the following values to all our work:


We will carry out our work objectively and honestly in the interests of learners, following agreed protocols, and will alert you promptly should any conflict of interest appear to arise.



We will ensure the maximum openness and transparency throughout all aspects of our work, endeavour to communicate clearly and frankly, and provide good notice of plans or intentions and any changes that may be needed.



We will treat everyone involved with courtesy and professionalism.



We will respect the confidentiality of all information received during our work.



We will exercise good management through careful planning, regular progress reviews, effective controls and, where appropriate, detailed reports.


How do we work?

Our involvement can be to meet a one-off need or provide longer-term capacity for innovation. 

We provide value-for-money services at highly competitive rates, inclusive of all expenses and administrative costs.


How much do we charge?

For more detailed information about our pricing, programmes and packages click below.


Who inspires us?

George Bernard Shaw.  

 “The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.”

Dave Cole


National Professional Qualification for Headship - NPQH

Postgraduate Certificate in Education - PGCE | University of Greenwich

LL.B. Honours in Law | Class II Division 1 | University of Exeter

“If you want people to follow you, show them your map”

Dave was a late entrant to the world of education. His route into teaching was unconventional to say the least; with a classical law degree from the University of Exeter and a brief spell in business as an Independent Financial Adviser, it seemed unlikely that becoming a primary school teacher was ‘on the cards’. After a chance visit to a local primary school, the rest, as they say, is history…


Dave is passionate about the education of the whole child and the importance that a ‘values education' plays in shaping well rounded independent learners who are ready and able to meet the demands of the 21st Century head-on with confidence. Dave’s passion and particular area of interest is the power of ‘grit’ or a ‘growth mindset’ and how this can impact on learning.


Dave has never lost his belief in education as a powerful vehicle to promote growth, both for children and young people and also for those working with them. 


Experience and Expertise

Since 2003, his involvement in and commitment to education has seen him hold a variety of roles:


  • School Improvement and Inclusion Adviser - Babcock International (Surrey) 

  • Primary Link Adviser - West Sussex County Council

  • Headteacher Coach - Brighton and Hove County Council

  • Headspace Programme Leader - West Sussex Headteacher Networking Programme


  • Leadership Trainer / Programme Facilitator

    • Facilitator for The Future Leaders Trust

    • Programme Leader for the Horley Schools Middle Leadership Programme

    • Programme Leader for the Horley Schools Senior Leadership Programme

    • Programme Leader for the Horley Schools RQT Development Programme

    • Programme Leader for the Warlingham Schools Middle Leadership Programme

    • Programme Leader for the  SESTA Middle Leadership Programme

    • Programme Leader for the  London Diocese Borough Schools Middle Leadership Programme

    • Programme Leader for the  TSA24 Middle and Senior Leadership Programmes

    • Programme Leader for the  West Sussex Special Schools Middle Leadership Programme


  • Surrey South Farnham SCITT (School-Centred Initial Teaching Training) Programme

    • Programme Consultant

    • Recruitment and Marketing 

    • Support Tutor / Trainee Mentor

    • Lecturer - Behaviour / Managing Support Staff / Managing relationships with Parents & Carers

    • Assignment Moderation


  • Chairperson and Strategic Lead for the Horley Schools Confederation 


  • Member of the Board of Governors - Reigate Grammar School


  • 3 x Primary Headships:

    • 2-form entry infant school

    • 3-form entry infant school

    • 3-form / 4-form entry junior school


  • Special Educational Needs Coordinator


  • Leading Mathematics Practitioner for Surrey Local Authority


Throughout this time he has focused on developing his knowledge and understanding of what makes people ‘tick’ and finding creative ways to share this with hard-pressed school staff and leaders. He has a particular interest in helping leaders and leadership teams to gain a greater appreciation of what they do well, and to use this as a basis for planning and supporting further growth.


In his work as a Primary Headteacher, Dave’s style was unique in that he combined two traits which do not usually co-exist. In fact, often they sit at diametrically opposite ends of the leadership spectrum. He combined the rigour required to bring about transformational change with an innate sense of fun and warmth.



In his role as a coach / school development consultant little has changed; Dave has an outcome focus which is informed by his professional background. His style combines challenge with empathy and support. He is clear-sighted and pragmatic, with a sensitive, intuitive approach. He is methodical, systematic and results orientated, whilst simultaneously forging excellent relationships, which motivate school leaders and excite them about their roles.


Dave is particularly interested in performance coaching and has a proven track record for creating a culture where staff are independent and solution-focused.


This experience, coupled with regular work in primary and secondary schools, keeps his coaching and school improvement work firmly rooted in the real world of education.


In all aspects of his work, Dave engages credibly and personably with a wide spectrum of those involved in education – trainee teachers, class teachers, senior staff, Governors and Headteachers / school principals alike.


In his spare time, Dave enjoys cycling and surfing. He is married with 3 children.


He is based in Surrey, in the Reigate area, near Junction 8 on the M25.



If you prefer talking to typing, call us now on

+44 (0) 7979 851703

for a friendly, obligation-free chat about how we might meet your school and leadership needs. 


This phone is carried by Dave Cole, our Managing Director, and if he can't take your call immediately, please leave a message and he'll get back to you as soon as he can.

Be assured that all client conversations are treated in the strictest of confidence. A brief chat is often the best way to find out if Shine can offer the support or training that you need and if we are the right company to work with you. 


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