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“If you can't make a mistake, you can't make anything”

1:1 or Group

So, what is coaching?


“Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and the development of another.” 

Myles Downey


Coaching is a process that unlocks a person’s potential in order to maximise performance. It helps people learn, rather than instructing them, and it focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes.


Who do we coach?


  • 1:1 Coaching 

(for Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers / Assistant Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Bursars / School Business Managers, Middle Leaders, Heads of Department, Year Leaders, Core Curriculum Leaders, Subject Leaders, Governors, Newly Qualified Teachers)


  • SLT or Group Coaching 

(for Year Teams, Curriculum Teams, Departments, Office Teams, Governing Bodies)


If you are a headteacher, senior leader or middle leader, we understand the unique stresses and strains of your role. At Shine we understand that courage is a quality that you build upon and develop on a daily basis. We understand that, in order for you to consistently be at your best, a safe, confidential space must be provided to enable you to:

  • share your thoughts, worries and concerns

  • come up with positive solutions

  • realise your strengths and;

  • determine the steps that you must take to realise your potential.


Coaching involves a coach working with a coachee, often using the GROW model. Through effective questioning, the coach will help a coachee to formulate clear goals and will then examine the gap between their current reality and their goal. A good coach will help the coachee to come up with options and strategies on how they can best achieve their goal. Finally, any barriers or obstacles to the coachee’s commitment are dismantled or minimised. The whole process is non-directive and involves no advice being given. The coachee holds the means to achieving their goal and the coach’s job is help them achieve clarity and remove any interferences that may prevent them from succeeding.


Coaching is a generic process that can be used at a variety of levels in a school (colleagues, children, parents). It is a means of helping people to uncover and bring out the best in themselves, and the members of their team.


Coaching can support individual and team development leading to school improvement. It can be used to support performance management, improving the quality of teaching and learning, and also to maximise professional learning from courses and training. It also helps children have truly personalised learning, and removes barriers to learning in a deeper and more sustainable way than other approaches.


Increasingly, school leaders have an impossible workload, and the need to grow and develop others within the organisation to build capacity is essential. There is a growing realisation that leaders cannot do it all, and therefore have to develop the capacity in others. Coaching is a key tool to create self-improving schools.


Our hope for you

We want to be able to help you minimise the pressure of your role, so that you are able to maintain your ability to lead and inspire others.


We want the best for you. We have no agenda other than your own. 


Our one aim is to work in a trusting relationship with you, so that you can fulfil the vision that you have for yourself, your team, your school and your children / students.


When individuals work with us, no judgements are made; we accept you, exactly as you are.


What to expect

At Shine, we understand what is meant by the National Standards of Excellence for head teachers, when it says “self-development is the key to the development of a head teacher.” We would also add that self-development is the key to the development of all school leaders.


We use the “National Standards of Excellence” for headteachers as the benchmark for all of our coaching support with school leaders. 


We support you in developing your own personal strategies for integrating the standards into all aspects of your practice.


Why our approach works

At Shine our goal is simple - to help you excel. 

To achieve this goal we: 

  • start where you are

  • identify where you want to get to

  • identify patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that may be limiting your progress

  • empower you to be courageous and develop the personal and professional tools needed for success

  • celebrate your strengths and everything positive that you bring to your leadership journey


Our Focus Areas

Working across the four areas below, we help you to uncover the tools that you need for building excellence in yourself and others:
Achieving clarity about what you want for yourself, your team and your school.
Strengthening your moral purpose, and ability to make the right (and sometimes tough) choices.
Creating positive beliefs about what can be achieved, to help realise your own strengths and capabilities.
Embedding new behaviours, to support the development of excellence in yourself and others.


Success Stories

Our clients are typically head teachers and school leaders with great vision, passion and commitment. They don’t see themselves as being superheroes. They recognise their own humanity and seek to lead fulfilled lives, not only as school leaders, but as mothers, fathers and partners. They are individuals who are learning not to see worry and self-doubt as signs of weakness, but simply as expressions of their own human need to have a safe space to be valued and listened to.


In addition, what sets our clients apart, is that they are leaders who are eager to grow themselves, so that they in turn can become better at growing others. They savour having brave and courageous coaching conversations, because they understand the role these conversations play in helping them to ‘dare greatly’ and achieve great things for their children.


We will tailor our support to meet your needs.



“…the best CPD schools can invest in…”








was £2,850


6 x one day visits during the academic year



5 days x £475 | One day FREE

Typical package: 


1:1 session with Headteacher;

1:1 session with Deputy


Group session with SLT


*Mix and match as required*


was £1,500


6 x half day visits during the academic year

5 half days x £250 | One half day FREE

Typical package: 

1:1 session with Headteacher;

1:1 session with Deputy


Group session with SLT


*Mix and match as required*



Option 1

4 x 1:1 Coaching sessions 


Option 2

2 x 1:1 Coaching sessions + Group Coaching session


Option 3

2 x Group Coaching sessions

Option 1

was £600



Option 2

was £550




Option 2

was £500


One full day visit


Option 1

4 x 90 Minutes


Option 2

2 x 90 Minutes + 

1 x 2.5 hour session (+ 30 minute prep)


Option 3

2 x 2.5 hour session (+ 2 x 30 minute prep)

*Mix and match as required*


2 x 1:1 Coaching sessions 

was £300


Half day visit 2 x 90 minutes

*Mix and match as required*


(or any other team. E.g. Core Subject Leaders, Office Team, Year Leader Team, Support Staff) 


2.5 hours + 30 minutes preparation

New team coaching service based on the acclaimed Team Coaching methodology of Prof. Peter Hawkins. We will support you in developing a clear sense of your preferred future, of refreshing the vision and mission of your organisation, and re-engaging your team in their contribution toward that. 

We support you in working through the differences of opinion and raising the quality of debate within your team. We can help you transform your team into a focused strategic leadership team.  




90 minutes

Common themes: Distributing leadership and encouraging staff to ‘step up’; transforming an entrenched culture; getting the balance between motivating staff whilst holding them to account; overcoming resistance to change; difficult conversations; challenging under-performance; managing and getting the best out of different personalities in the team; helping new Headteachers to ‘hit the ground running’.




90 minutes

Common themes: Overcoming resistance to change; difficult conversations; challenging under-performance; managing and getting the best out of different personalities in the team; helping new Deputy Heads to ‘hit the ground running’.







90 minutes

90 minutes

Common themes: Balancing leadership roles with teaching commitments; developing lesson observation skills and giving developmental feedback; challenging under-performance; managing and getting the best out of different personalities in the team; helping new Senior Leaders to ‘hit the ground running’.

Common themes: Effective subject leadership; developing the confidence to tackle under-performance; leading change; helping new Middle Leaders to ‘hit the ground running’.

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“Dave has supported me as a new head for the last year and I have found that support truly invaluable and worth every penny spent out of an extremely tight school budget. Dave has the best ‘coaching’ skills I have ever encountered; through running very personalised coaching sessions he was able to help me carefully and thoughtfully ‘unpick’ what my leadership strengths were, and more importantly, help me identify where improvements could still be made for the benefit of myself and our school.  Dave is exceptionally insightful and has a superb ability to make you feel at ease when talking about sometimes personal and difficult subject matter. His coaching, advice and support this year has really helped us to identify and make appropriate changes to our organisation which have greatly benefited both staff and children. Dave has always been a hugely supportive ‘ear’ at the end of the telephone or email and always seems to manage to find time for you, in his incredibly busy schedule, when you most need it. He is also a great source of educational wisdom and honest, good advice.

I could not recommend Dave more highly and I am extremely grateful for his help and support in navigating the challenging road of school leadership!”

Yasmin R, Co-Headteacher, Felbridge Primary School, Surrey